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We have represented clients throughout Nevada in a wide range of legalmatters. When you need sound advice and representation, put our 30+years of experience to work for you.


The Law Office Of Dan M Winder, P.C. can support and assist you in a variety of matters, including:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Defense
  • Divorce & Family Law
  • DUI Charges
  • Immigration
  • Personal Injury


Whether you are facing a DUI charge, going through a divorce, seekingcompensation for an injury, or are in the middle of a civil litigationdispute, the Law Office Of Dan M Winder, P.C. will provide you withpersonalized attention and knowledgeable legal advice. We handle everycase as comprehensively and enthusiastically as any other - regardlessof size or scope. Our small size as a company ensures that we alwaysrender the individual attention your concerns warrant.

When experience matters, you want Attorney Dan M Winder in your corner. We will carefully evaluate your situation and explain your options. Our extensive experience and skilled representation will help you reach your legal goals. Contact the Law Office Of Dan M Winder, P.C. for a consultation and case evaluation.


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